As a mean of setting the standard for staffing, outplacement and recruitment related services in Sweden, authorization has been introduced as a possibility for members to apply for. The authorization ensures legitimate businesses who meet high standards of professionalism. We carry out thorough checks in order to make the staffing industry in Sweden safe and sound. Previously, this procedure was mandatory but is from July 2019 voluntary.

The assessment for authorization is made by a bipartite committee headed by an impartial chairperson.
In order to become an authorized staffing agency, the applicant company must meet the following conditions:

  1. A minimum of twelve months of industry related operations.
  2. Compliance with the federation’s statues (in Swedish).
  3. Current business is conducted through a Swedish legal person.
  4. Submission of the most recent annual report, audit report and submission of documentation evidencing no owing of back taxes or duties.
  5. Adherence to the collective agreements of the sector in which the company is operating (*).
  6. Application of delivery terms at least on par with the federation’s general provisions (terms of delivery).
  7. Coverage by the federation’s liability insurance or the equivalent.
  8. Compliance with the federation’s ethical rules.
  9. Assurance that all subcontractors are registered for VAT, pay taxes and duties, are covered by subcontractor insurance.
  10. Completion of the federation’s special authorization training by at least one person holding a managerial position within the company.
  11. Exposure of the federation’s authorization logo in all job advertisements and marketing activities.
  12. For a renewed authorization, members are committed to submit ground for the authorization committee’s annual assessment.*) Exemption can be granted if there are no collective agreements in the sector in which the company is operating.

Special terms regarding companies within a corporate group

13. Authorization requires that group companies with similar / confusable names are bound by collective agreements for the contract area within which the company operates. This applies to companies for which connection to the federation  can be made in the Competence Agencies.

14. An authorized company may not conduct most of its leasing through another company within a corporate group that is an industry member. For start-ups (i.e. companies not yet having operated for twelve months), there is a stay-period during which no authorization is require but certain basic membership conditions have to be met. As soon as the first annual report has been filed, however, the company must apply for authorization or else forfeit its membership with the federation.

For further information, please e-mail Competence Agencies of Sweden