Agreements on General Terms and Conditions

In November 2010, Competence Agencies of Sweden published the following agreements on general terms and conditions. These agreements are intended for the Swedish market.

The Purpose of Agreements on General Terms and Conditions

Agreements on general terms and conditions have had a strong position in Sweden for many years. Nowadays, they are in widespread use and are often regarded as standard practice within an industry by Swedish courts of law.

An underlying purpose of such agreements is to create a reasonable balance in the relationship between the nature of the service (or product) and the price. They also provide transparency and clear guidelines – perhaps the best way to prevent a dispute between two parties. Furthermore, these agreements enable customers to make better comparisons between the offers of different suppliers.

A Sound Basis on which to Build

Business deals that are based on an agreement on general terms and conditions can be entered into quickly and require relatively little legal knowledge.

A commercial contract is made up of two parts – one exclusive part regulating specific aspects of the assignment and one general part consisting of the general terms and conditions. If the latter are to serve as part of the specific accord, the main rule is that the other party should be made aware of them. This is achieved by attaching the agreement on general terms and conditions to the confirmation of the individual assignment.

Easy to Download the Agreements

As the agreements on general terms and conditions published by Competence Agencies of Sweden have become increasingly important on the market, the need for accessibility has also increased. Hence, the agreements are now easy to download and attach electronically. This service is free of charge.

At present, printed versions are only available in Swedish.



Grant of Copyright License/Liability release

Kompetensföretagen/Almega AB grants to any party a copyright license to use the agreements as stated. However, Kompetensföretagen/Almega AB does not grant a copyright license for an individual to alter, transform, modify or change the agreements as stated. In any event, Kompetensföretagen/Almega AB does not make any legal representations as to the validity and/or effects of the agreements, nor does Kompetensföretagen/Almega AB assume any legal liability with respect to the agreements as used by parties in their original form.