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About us

Competence Agencies of Sweden is an employer and trade federation for staffing, outplacement and recruitment companies of all sizes operating in Sweden. It was founded on October 1, 2003, following a merger between SPUR and Almega Services Employers’ Association (for staff agencies), initiated by their membership.

Competence Agencies of Sweden is part of Almega, a grouping of seven service sector employer/trade federations, as well as member of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, Svenskt Näringsliv.

Members of Competence Agencies of Sweden are also members of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise.

Ms Ann-Kari Edenius is Managing Director for Kompetensföretagen (Competence Agencies of Sweden).

Former Stockholm Area Manager with power company Eon, and Director of Communications Alstom Transport in the Nordic countries. Mrs. Edenius also served as Press Officer with former Prime Minister Carl Bildt, and for several years as Senior Advisor with Kreab AB.

Staffing/Placement Services check lists

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Conditions for Membership - how to apply

Applicant companies having been in operation for at least twelve months must simultaneously apply for membership and authorization.

Applicant companies having been in operation for less than twelve months must apply for authorization as soon as the first annual report has been filed.

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