General terms and conditions ABPU – 10 Staffing Services

ABPU-10 is applicable to the leasing of staff by a staffing agency to a Client company. By the service of leasing staff is meant the commercial and legal relationship between the staffing agency and the Client company whereby the staffing agency is remunerated for leasing its own employees or those of a subcontractor to the Client company to perform work related to the Client companys operations and under the control and management of the Client company. ABPU-10 is used when The Agency Work Act is applicable. The Agency Work Act applies to workers who are employed by temporary-work agencies for the purpose of being temporarily assigned to work for a user undertaking under the latter’s supervision and direction. Temporary-work agency is in the The Agency Work Act defined as any natural or legal person who employs temporary agency workers in order to assign them to user undertakings to work under their supervision and direction.

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