Since 2000 the Swedish Staffing Agencies has been regularly gathering in information from its member companies. The scope, methods of collection and feedback have varied somewhat over the period, but the aim has always been the same; for the Swedish Staffing Agencies’ statistics to give the world at large a uniform picture of the sector and its development in figures.

The Staffing Indicator

Provides a rapid overview of the industry’s development every quarter. For your interest or if you require more detailed statistics, the Swedish Staffing Agencies publishes a report Bemanningsindikatorn.


Staffing indicator Q1 2014


Staffing indicator Q4 2013

Staffing indicator Q3 2013

Staffing indicator Q2 2013

Staffing indicator Q1 2013


Staffing indicator Q4 2012

Staffing indicator Q3 2012

Staffing indicator Q2 2012

Staffing indicator Q1 2012


Staffing indicator Q4 2011

Staffing indicator Q3 2011

Staffing indicator Q2 2011

Staffing indicator Q1 2011

Archive Staffing Indicators

The Swedish Staffing Agencies’ development report


Development Report 2010

Development Report Q3 2010

Archive Development Report

Top 25

25 largest staffing agencies in Sweden, according to their share of the total turnover. Position and market share. Read more.

International statistics

Ciett Agency Work Business Indicator 

Ciett Economic Report 2011

Penetration rate in different countries 2009